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SIEMENS ADVIA 560 and 560 AL Hematology Systems

Maximum output with minimal user intervention.

The ADVIA® 560 and 560 AL Hematology Systems offer laboratories fast, high-quality CBC testing. As part of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics family of scalable hematology analyzers, the systems have been designed with flexible and intuitive options to enable the right fit in your lab. Compact and cost-efficient, the systems can serve as stand-alone or backup analyzers. With an optional autoloader to automate sampling, the ADVIA 560 AL System can flexibly adapt to the ever-changing laboratory environment.

Fast, high-quality CBC testing in any laboratory environment​

  • Runs up to 60 samples per hour

  • Processes aspiration volumes as low as 110 µL

  • Facilitates efficient manual sampling of both open and closed tubes

  • Measures 26 parameters and employs laser-based optical measurement to provide a 5-part white blood cell differential*

  • Provides storage capacity for up to 100,000 results

  • Offers the flexibility to add the autoloader to the ADVIA 560 System at any time

Intuitive hardware features for accurate and rapid results

Easy-to-use software features and customizable options

  • Maximum storage capacity of 100,000 results

  • Multilingual operating menu enables usability among diverse staff

  • Bidirectional LIS communication facilitates easy patient data transfer between laboratories and minimizes paper-based worklists

  • Flexible and efficient interface enables uploading of reference data via USB and QR codes

  • Customizable printing options include tabular reports

  • Built-in diagnostic flagging system automatically alerts operator to abnormal results

Simple upgrade for a true walk-away system

  • Flexibility to add the autoloader to any ADVIA 560 system at any time

  • 100 primary sample-tube capacity (10 racks of 10 sample tubes each)

  • Ability to accept a variety of tubes

  • Onboard mixing system and cap recognition sensor to ensure that only cap-piercable tubes are mixed and processed

  • Integrated bar-code reader for positive sample ID

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