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SIEMENS BN ProSpec System

Uncompromising performance for plasma protein analysis.

The BN ProSpec® is a dedicated, compact system that offers a consolidated menu of specialty and routine reagents for reliable plasma protein testing including cardiac risk assessment, kidney diseases, nutritional assessment and iron and anemia assessment as well as innovative markers such as monoclonal kappa and lambda free light chains, Cystatin C and Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin (CDT).

  • Ideal for low- to mid-volume plasma protein throughput

  • Comprehensive menu from one source: Over 64 assay protocols available for determination of various sample types

  • Optimal alignment of systems and reagents

  • Refrigerated onboard storage of controls and reagents

  • Assistance with clinical interpretation through our innovative range of assessment programs available for Protis®Data Management System.

The BN ProSpec® System uses our proven nephelometric technology for the determination of a large variety of assays which support the management of disease states such as iron and anemia assessment, gammopathies / immune system, kidney disease, and many others.  

The BN ProSpec System is a fully automated benchtop analyzer which combines efficient workflow with cost-effective determinations for plasma protein testing needs:

  • Patient-oriented sample processing for efficient workflow

  • Convenient handling due to onboard storage of reagents and controls

  • Highly reliable patient results with optimized system components

Increased workflow efficiency

Confidence in results

Comprehensive solutions

  • Broad menu available from one source: Over 64 assay protocols available for determination in various body fluids

  • Consolidation of specialty and routine parameters to support disease state management 

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