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SIEMENS CLINITEK Status® Connect System

Automated urinalysis testing available wherever you need it.

CLINITEK Status® Connect System simplifies wireless or wired connectivity and testing oversight in point-of care urinalysis for improved risk management.

  • Offers flexible connectivity solutions by integrating data directly to the LIS, EMR or via point-of-care data management software solutions

  • Provides improved POC testing workflow efficiencies when interfaced to leading data management solutions

  • Improved barcode response time allows quick entry of lot and expiration data with a single scan.

  • Improves risk management through advanced operator control functions, prevents unauthorized use

  • Drives compliance across testing sites with programmable QC protocols and QC lockout

  • Auto-Checks* help to ensure the quality and accuracy of data while facilitating an enhanced interpretation of results.

Centralize control over your point-of-care urinalysis testing program with the CLINITEK Status Connect

Supports Flexible & Efficient Connectivity

  • Connect to your hospital’s LIS/HIS, EMR or point-of-care middleware solution

  • Connects by wireless, Ethernet or serial transmission

  • Supports HL7 and POCT1-A2 protocols

  • Interfaces with leading point-of-care data management solutions for centralized control and testing oversight - including Siemens’ RAPIDComm® Data Management System and Connectivity Solution; Conworx Technology POCcelerator™; MAS RALS®-Plus; TELCOR Quick-Linc®

Advanced Operational Control and Management

  • Provides customized operator access level

  • Supports operator ID entry and lockout

  • Prevents unauthorized use, based on customizable settings


Enhanced Quality Control

  • Optional barcode reader eliminates manual steps and reduces transcription errors

  • Maintain up-to-date operator certification records and restrict operator access as needed

  • Define specific QC protocols for operators across multiple sites

  • QC lockout if protocol is not followed or QC test fails

  • QC documentation and report downloads are available on demand

  • Store up to 200 QC test records


Improved Data Integrity


  • Checks each strip for humidity to prevent reporting of falsely elevated results

  • Detects interference in test samples and provides printed notation for improved results interpretation

  • Identifies Siemens strip type to save time

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