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SIEMENS Dimension EXL 200 Integrated Chemistry System

Simplify your operations with an integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzer.

The Dimension® EXL™ 200 Integrated Chemistry System offers trusted productivity-enhancing features and LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology in a compact system ideal for small- to mid-sized laboratories.

  • Consolidates workstations with a single system that integrates chemistry and immunoassay testing.

  • Test from a comprehensive menu that includes critical cardiac assays and our no-pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.

  • Achieve throughput of up to 627 tests per hour with 47 assays onboard.

True Integration for Increased Efficiency

  • Consolidate testing with a comprehensive menu, including chemistry, cardiac, thyroid, and our no-pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.

  • Avoid splitting samples—simultaneously run all assays from one sample tube.

  • Simplify your workflow—mix and match chemistry and immunoassay tests in one common reagent area.

  • Save space with a compact footprint of 1.5 sq m (16.2 sq ft).

LOCI Technology Inside

  • Experience excellent immunoassay sensitivity using small sample volumes with homogeneous LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology.

  • Produce fast and accurate results—first result in as little as 11 minutes for key critical assays.

High Productivity

  • Meet workload demands with throughput of up to 627 tests/hour and electrolyte results in under a minute.

  • Increase testing capabilities with 47 assays onboard concurrently.

  • Respond quickly with STAT sampling from any position and a 4-minute time to first result for a basic panel.

  • Save time with no manual sample pretreatment, no manual reagent preparation, and long calibration stability.

  • Further simplify laboratory operations with connectivity to Siemens Healthineers automation and IT solutions​

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